Brand New: Dealerships – Modernise and Maximise your workflows

Maximise the efficiency of delivery of vehicles to site, to delivery of vehicles to the Web with Auto Imaging.

Auto Imaging are introducing the ‘Progress Chaser Portal’

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It allows staff at the dealership to use ONE system to check on the live status of a vehicle through the following departments:

  1. Vehicle delivery
  2. Workshop status
  3. Valet bay status
  4. Imaging status
  5. Video status
  6. Backdrop and Post Production status
  7. Upload to Websites status

It allows marketing teams to view exactly what is being marketed all from one screen.

Mobile Portal

This software has been designed over the last 3 years solely to benefit the modern dealership workflow. Measure how long it takes from delivery of vehicle to site to delivery of Images and Video to the web. 

Switch on automated booking upon departmental completions. 

Get reminders and notifications on various status’:

  1. If a car has finished in the workshop but the valet was not booked
  2. If a valet was booked but not started
  3. If a valet was completed without images being taken

And many more.

Please contact for further info.