Modernising Automotive Digital Backdrops

We know the advantages of enhanced  digital backdrops on a dealership website:

Consistency and uniformity of website 

Removal of unsightly and unwanted backgrounds

Logistal advantages of how and where you can take pictures onsite. 

There has been a trend for these backdrops to be on the generic side of things. Perhaps a country house or rural landscape.


We at Auto Imaging have been pushing the idea that digital backdrops should be doing one other key thing:

Digital Backdrops should sell your dealership as well as the car. 

We believe that getting a picture of your dealership, taken in its ‘best light’ has a positive effect on those looking at the multitude of similar vehicles on the web.  

A modern approach that gives you all the key benefits of what digital backdrops can do. 

(See examples of Toomey digital backdrops below)


Digital backdrops should be invisible. They should not draw the attention away from the vehcile. Country houses and vast landscapes are not an accurate reflection of the true nature of things, and it jars with viewers. 

The above digital backdrops of the dealership show off what is good about your dealership and remains an honest representation of the vehicle. 

Auto Imaging provide a range of services to many large dealer groups across the country. These services include:



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Digital Backdrops

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