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Auto Imaging iOS App

Auto Imaging iOS app has the following features:

·       Instant QC and Real Time In App Feedback

·       Instant Upload

·       Ghost Tutorials

·       Audio Cues

·       Video HD

·       Internal Virtual Tour

·       External Virtual Tour

·       Digital Backdrops

·       Auto Imaging Progress Chaser Portal


Instant QC and Real Time In App Feedback is a unique selling point. Manufacturers, dealer groups and Secure Valeting can capture images on the app and get instant acceptance or rejection of the image they have just taken in accordance with the manufacturer or group standards. This is essential in improving quality and speed of images uploaded to the web. It has often been the case that feedback on rejected and deleted images comes too long after the car has been photographed. Often resulting in the car leaving site or being parked in logistically difficult places to retrieve.